About Dr Andrews Online Pharmacy

At Dr Andrews we are passionate about helping you get the treatment solutions you need safely, discreetly and at your convenience. Very often, the conditions that Dr Andrews can help with may be considered embarrassing by patients or regarded as just lifestyle medication. The NHS also doesn’t offer many of the treatments that we can supply, leaving you to source the medicines elsewhere.


As well as being safe, discreet and convenient, The Dr Andrews Team also believes treatments should be affordable and has promised to trade with the lowest prices in The UK or will refund the difference.  

www.drandrews.co.uk also doesn’t charge any additional Prescription Fees which many other online Pharmacies add on to the treatment cost.  



At Dr Andrews we embrace technology and have developed www.drandrews.co.uk to allow you to explore and understand the solutions available before safely purchasing your suitable treatment. Our Clinical Fact Sheets will give you plenty of detail, and there is always more information available in the patient information leaflets we supply with every medicine.

We believe that the appropriate use of medicines can really help improve the quality of life for many people and at Dr Andrews we will only dispense a treatment in line with the British National Formulary (BNF) guidance. Working closely together, the clinical team at Dr Andrews can provide solutions that are both safe and effective.

All the medicines that we dispense are licensed for use in The UK, and sent out from North Berwick Pharmacy in East Lothian. We are regulated by the MHRA and The GPhC and you can check our registrations using the logos at the bottom of the page. Our Pharmacy Superintendent is Michal Toshner (GPhC registration 2051396)

Each treatment delivered by Dr Andrews has clear directions on the actual pack to ensure you are clear how to use the medicine as well as a medicine specific patient information leaflet in every box which is always good to read for more detailed information. 


Dr Andrews understands the delicate and sensitive nature of the treatments offered and has taken steps to ensure full discretion. Our deliveries are made by Royal Mail, require a signature and nowhere on the label will Dr Andrews be mentioned. Instead, the sender will be marked as Crownsmith Ltd.

EPL will also appear on your bank or credit statement and is the parent company of North Berwick Pharmacy. 


Dr Andrews is not bound by the hours your GP practice is open and you don’t have to queue in your local pharmacy waiting for your prescription to be processed.

From the comfort of your own sofa, at a time that suits you, you can complete the medical questionnaire online which allows the pharmacists to assess your suitability. The pharmacy will then dispense and despatch your treatment. We use Royal Mails’ 24 or 48 hour tracked service for our deliveries.

The Dr Andrews Team always recommends that you let your GP know of any medicines you order, but that’s something else you can do at your convenience, not theirs.