Celebrity Erectile Dysfunction, Exploding Gels, Guinness and other Curious Queries received by an Online Pharmacy

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Perhaps due to the faceless nature of the online world, I get asked much stranger questions through drandrews.co.uk than I would ever get asked by a patient face to face during a consultation.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the more unusual queries I’ve had over the last little while and try to answer what I can.

I’m not poking fun at anyone who has a genuine question, but acknowledging that people feel much more comfortable to ask something when they can stay anonymous.

Celebrities with Erectile Dysfunction

This is perhaps the most common of the odd topics getting asked and searched about which does seems a bit bizarre.

Does Gary Linekar have Impotence?

Does Idris Elba have Erectile Dysfunction?

To answer bluntly, I have no idea… and if they do, and if they use Dr Andrews for Treatment, I can’t tell you anyway due to patient confidentiality.

On a serious note, some estimates say half of all men over 40 have Erectile Dysfunction and that will of course include celebrities. So next time you are watching your favourite programme, or reading your celeb magazine, you can try and work out who does and doesn’t.

Our TV, film and sporting heroes are just as human as the rest of us.

The king of celebrity Erectile Dysfunction questions is the late Hugh Hefner with the most common question relating to what treatments he used. A quick google search brings up a mixture of stories including he used so much Viagra he lost his hearing (he was 91 when he died so you would imagine his hearing was on the wane anyway) and lawsuits involving and ex-partner and another US ED product. Either way, the stories appear as colourful as his lifestyle.

Explosive Viagra Gel

I was asked last week if Dr Andrews stocked Explosive Viagra Gel.

This query clearly raises many more questions but firstly please be assured that Dr Andrews does not stock anything that explodes – especially a treatment.

I can see why someone asked the question: There is a product in the development stage called MED2002 which contains dilute Glyceryl Trinitrate. The leap from that to Nitro-Glycerin and explosives isn’t that difficult to make. The evidence demonstrates that the product works really quickly and as with most topically applied creams or gels, should have less side effects than an oral tablet.

It isn’t available yet, but on the manufacturer’s website they are targeting a 2019 launch. The most popular treatments currently licensed are Viagra and Sildenafil.

Is Guinness to blame for my Erectile Dysfunction?

This is obviously quite a personal question asked by a patient, and on an individual basis, difficult to answer without more information. As a rule, bad lifestyle choices can cause erectile dysfunction. Guinness won’t be the cause, but excessive consumption of Guinness (or other alcohol) may well be a factor, along with smoking, a bad diet and recreational drug use. (“Does Weed cause impotence ?” is another popular topic). I do feel a bit sorry for Guinness being singled out in the question… other beer brands are available.

What if my dog eats my Viagra?

I’m not sure if this is a patient worried what effect the tablet may have on the dog or more a question about how the patient can access more Viagra tablets.

The healthcare professional in me would like to point out that any medicines should be stored safely away from children and pets… and if your dog happens to chew on a carelessly discarded packet of Viagra, please call the Vet!

Other Curiosities

Hindi prayer for Impotence (This may well be available, but probably not from a pharmacy)

Austin Powers Pump for Erectile Dysfunction (I’m not a film expert, but I am reliably informed that Austin’s pump was a “Swedish Penis Enlarger”, not a treatment for ED. That said, there are Vacuum pumps available which encourage blood flow to the penis and as a result reduce erectile dysfunction). More info can be found on the NHS Choices Website

How to Apply Pistachio Honey for Erectile Dysfunction (I have genuinely no idea, sorry)

The serious point is that you should feel free to ask questions and resolve any queries before you start taking any medicine or treatment. I’m delighted that people feel comfortable to ask all sorts of things, but I do sometimes worry about where some of the answers come from. If in doubt, check with a Healthcare Professional: not with Tim down the pub, or Janet in the office next door.

For any other curious queries, please do get in touch.

We would be more than happy to help.

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