Erectile Dysfunction Gel – coming soon?

Dr Andrews

There is an Erectile Dysfunction Gel Treatment undergoing development and working through the regulatory process at present. It does take quite a while (years) for new treatments to reach approval whilst all the necessary studies of effectiveness and safety are carried out.

As such, there is no confirmed launch date yet for the gel and the various oral erectile dysfunction tablets (eg Viagra, Sildenafil, Tadalafil) are the mainstay of treatment with years of safety data and millions of doses now having been used to treat men worldwide.

The company behind the new Gel Treatment is the UK based Futura Medical with the official name of the development gel a very catchy MED2002.  The final product will most likely be branded as the much more marketable: Eroxon.


What’s so special about this gel?

Published in February 2018, a clinical trial showed fantastic results for Eroxon with the key factor being how fast it worked:

Within 5 minutes of applying the gel it was successful in 44% of men and within 10 minutes this success rate was 70%.

If you compare this to the current erectile dysfunction tablets that are the gold standard in treatment, they range from 15 minutes to over an hour to have their effect (depending on the brand and other factors such as stomach contents).

Viagra, or it’s generic version Sildenafil, are the most commonly used treatments and should be taken around one hour before intercourse.


Announcing the news about the trial, the newspapers stated:


“Move Over ViagraThe Daily Telegraph


“The New ViagraThe Sun


“Forget ViagraThe Daily Mail



Eroxon isn’t available yet, so forgetting Viagra is a little premature!


How does Eroxon work


Eroxon doesn’t actually use a new drug, it uses Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN for short) which has been around for many years to treat angina. The company have however developed a new technology called DermaSys which allows the active ingredient in a gel preparation to be absorbed into the skin more quickly than existing gels.


This technology can also be used for other treatments such as pain relief.


The gel is applied to the penis and the GTN dilates the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the penis causing an erection.


The application of the gel can form part of sexual foreplay and this is another key point of Eroxon: it is perhaps less “medicalised” and can be used spontaneously as part of the sexual experience


The main side effect of GTN treatments is usually headache but from the trial, this seems minimal with Eroxon. This is most likely due to the low dose of the drug needed to have the effect.




When? When? When?


Much more information can be found on the Futura Medical website:




There is a timetable on the site and it doesn’t look like Eroxon will be available until 2020 at the very earliest.


You can also access the Clinical Trial evidence on the Futura Website if you want to read the full study.

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