How can I delay my period?


Period Delay Pills

Period Delay Pills 

Even the most natural thing in the world can be a down right nuisance! Whilst you can do whatever you like when you’re on your period – from swimming to sex, the cramps, bloating and mood swings can put a dampener on things. The good news is that with a bit of forward planning, it is possible to put your period off until bikinis and beaches are safely off of your schedule.


How to delay your period

Many women wish to delay their period at some point, because it clashes with plans. Most commonly for holidays, special occasions or preparing for exams. How you delay your period will depend on whether you are currently taking a contraceptive pill or not.

Period delay with a contraceptive pill

Women who are taking a combined contraceptive pill can delay their period by skipping the one-week pill break at the end of the three week course. Instead of taking the seven day break, you will need to start the new pack straight away. This way, your period will be delayed until the end of the second pack. Some women may experience slight bleeding or spotting when delaying their period this way.


Period delay without a contraceptive pill


Women who are not taking a contraceptive pill can use norethisterone tablets to delay their period. Norethisterone is the synthetic version of a sex hormone which naturally occurs in the human body. It belongs to a group of hormones called progestogens, which are also found in contraceptive pills. However, taking norethisterone period delay tablets to delay your period will not protect you against pregnancy, so you still need to use a method of contraception.

Norethisterone works by changing the hormone balance during the menstrual cycle and preventing the shedding of the womb lining which normally results in your monthly period. To delay your period, you need to take one tablet three times a day, beginning three days before you expect your period to start. Each tablet contains 5mg of norethisterone. Aim to take the tablets at the same time every day, one in the morning, one around midday and one in the evening. If you forget to take a tablet, do not take two tablets to make up for the forgotten dose.

You will have your next period within three days of taking your last tablet. If you do not experience a period and have had sex in the meantime, you should see a doctor to check whether you are pregnant.

We can supply 2 different pack sizes of norethisterone, with a maximum period delay of 17 days. Should you require a longer treatment time than this please consult your GP.


30 Tablets is a 10 day treatment course, delaying your period for up to 7 days.

60 Tablets is a 20 day treatment course, delaying your period for up to 17 days.


We provide the option of supplying both generic norethisterone 5mg tablets and Utovlan brand. Norethisterone is routinely prescribed pills to stop your period but it is for occasional use and should not be used more than once in 4 months.


Period Delay Pill Side Effects

Like all medicines, norethisterone can cause side effects, but the risk of these is reduced with short term use to delay period onset. General, self limiting side effects include breast tenderness, changes in libido and fluid retention. You should not take the tablets if you fit any of the below categories:


  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • are allergic to norethisterone or similar hormones
  • suffer or have suffered from unexplained vaginal bleeding (other than a period)
  • have every had an itchy rash called pemphigoid gestationis or jaundice during pregnancy
  • have liver problems
  • have ever had a heart attack or suffer from angina
  • have a family history of blood clots or have had a blood clot in the past
  • have the blood disease porphyria
  • have severe itching called pruritus


In very rare cases norethisterone can cause a severe allergic reaction and if you experience any of the following symptoms this requires emergency medical treatment:

  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Feeling Faint
  • Swelling of face, tongue, hands or feet
  • Intense and itchy rash


Drug Interactions

Norethisterone can interact with other drugs, so it is always important to tell your doctor about any medication you are currently taking or have recently taken. Like other hormone based medications, norethisterone tablets interact with the natural remedy St. John’s Wort used to treat mental health problems. The tablets also interact with certain antibiotics, painkillers, HIV medications and certain cancer medications.


If you need pills to stop your period for holiday or a special occasion have a look around Dr Andrews site, the options available to you to delay your period, with included fact sheets, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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