Are you paying too much for your Online Pharmacy treatments?

Dr Andrews


A quick review of a few websites will throw up a wide range of prices for Viagra, Sildenafil and any of the other medicines and treatments available online in The UK. Assuming that you buy from a registered and regulated UK Online Pharmacy (and you would be mad to buy from an unregulated website) then the medicines supplied will all be genuine and carry a UK license – so why the huge variance in price?

What am I actually paying for?

When The NHS buys a pack of 4 Sildenafil 50mg tablets from a pharmacy it will pay £1.15. All pharmacies will therefore be buying Sildenafil cheaper than that to make a profit.

In reality, the cost price of Sildenafil is pennies rather than pounds and the same can be said for most generic (non branded) medicines.

It is worth noting that when you purchase a treatment online you are not just paying for the medicine but a share of all the other costs and overheads which will include amongst other things: People, Regulation, Insurance, Rates, Power, IT and perhaps most importantly – the clinical and professional part of the online service. Any Online Pharmacy will also be looking to generate a profit.

The table below shows the prices for Dr Andrews and some of the other organisations offering the same product (Remember that a 4 pack of Sildenafil 50mg has a cost price of under £1.15).

Dr Andrews Online Pharmacy

Lloyds  Boots  Pharmacy 2U MedExpress


Sildenafil 50mg x 4

£8.99 £15.00 £15.00 £23.00 £17.99 £19.00

 Sildenafil 50mg x 8

£15.99 £28.00 £25.00 £38.00 £29.99 £32.00
 Sildenafil 50mg x 16 £25.99 £52.00 £45.00 £60.00 £49.99 No price
                                                                                 (Prices correct as of 20th July 2018)


It is not hard to argue that some Online Pharmacies are overpricing their generic medicines.



To add to the confusion, some Online Pharmacies add in extra “Prescription Charges” and we all have different delivery charges. Dr Andrews Online Pharmacy has two delivery options: 24 Hour (£4.95) or 48 hour (£3.95) via Royal Mail Tracked.

At Dr Andrews we are determined to guarantee patients the Lowest Price and DO NOT charge any prescription fees.


Brand vs Generic

There is a marked difference between the cost price of branded products and their generic equivalents.

As in every marketplace, branded goods cost more than non branded ones and the brand prices tend to be controlled by the sole manufacturer that produces it.

As an example, the cost price of a 4 pack of Viagra 50mg is around £18 versus generic Sildenafil at under £1.15.

Dr Andrews Online Pharmacy has the lowest prices for all the Cialis, Levitra and Spedra ranges as well as the 50mg and 100mg strengths of Viagra.


 The big message has to be to do your homework, shop around… and don’t overpay

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