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Modern life is busy and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Juggling work, family commitments and still fitting in a social life is a tough job! It’s easy to let bits and pieces get in the way of some really important healthcare issues and when you finally realise it’s time to treat your condition, plan that amazing trip or are running out of your pill you discover it’s not as straight forward as you thought to sort out. 

At Dr Andrews we understand that sometimes you’d like things to be at your convenience rather than the other way around.

We offer a convenient and safe way to access treatments at Dr Andrews from a UK GP and Pharmacy team. We’ve cut out the hassle of arranging appointments or waiting to get your prescription dispensed. It is always important for you to tell you GP about any treatments you receive, but that’s something else you can do at your convenience, not theirs.  
No appointments, no queues.